Tough day

Today was probably the toughest day since starting this experiment.  Everything that was great for the whole week, namely, gold, palladium, oil, and natural gas, reversed on a dime.  Didn’t lose much of my closed equity, but gave back most of my open equity, around $4,000.  It wasn’t just the reversal, but it was also the bad trading that followed.  I didn’t have the right mindset and I should have gone for a walk, instead I kept looking for opportunity in the little volatility that was available.  That’s a sure recipe for bad things to happen.  I compounded the loss in open equity, with crappy trades, short-term trades and trading errors (3 of them!!! Hard to believe…).  I limited the damage, but it still sucked.

The important thing on these days is to let go of things I didn’t have control, namely the snap reversal in gold and oil and then get away from the screen until my mind is clear.  Sometime that takes a day or two.  Getting back on the screen the same day usual makes the problem worse.

I will pick it back up one trade at the time. Slowly.  Focused. Process.

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