Hereby officially begins the second chapter of Journeyman Trader.

The first chapter was spent in anonymity because I was still working for Westrock Asset Management, which, like all other regulated money managers, has to abide by many guidelines.  I didn’t do or write anything that would compromise its integrity, but I also didn’t want to take a chance and have anything I did be potentially misinterpreted by some of the watchdogs.

On December 31, I ended my experience with Westrock Asset Management and started to focus full-time on Booy Insights, effectively continuing to do similar work, but for a broader audience.  I continue to trade my own money as represented in this blog, and I write the most concise commodity market updates in the industry (sign up here).  You can read more about me here.  The less formal part about me is that I’m 6′ 7″ (200 cm) tall, I’m the fourth of five children, raised by Dutch church-planters in Italy.  I played basketball for 15 years, which is what led me to the United States, where I played Div. II/NAIA ball in Arkansas at Lyon College.  There I met the woman of my dreams.  Together we have four wonderful kids.  Now I’m working hard on my dad bod while looking at charts all day.   My first career was in education.  My second one in marketing and sales.  My third one in trading.  Here is my fourth and last stop (shuuure!).

I hope this blog can be helpful to you.  Drop a comment or “Ask Me Anything” if you need help with your trading plans, career questions or just life.

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