The first trade. Hooked.

I did one trade and I was hooked.

Trading is an addictive drug and like a drug its highs are followed pretty quickly by new lows.  The only chance to survive as a trader is to learn to control the urge to trade.  Alternatively, you can program robots to trade for you.  The world is going the way of robots.  I’m a contrarian and I am happy to be an underdog for the rest of my life.   This blog is about how to survive and make money with just $10,000 by trading commodity futures discretionarily, slaying robots along the way.

I’m writing for a couple of reasons:

  • Accountability.  Having to publicly explain what I’m doing slows down my urge to trade over and over again.
  • History, the teacher.  Blogging, like a trading journal, provides a historical record of one’s decisions.  Recording and reviewing the record is a great way to learn.
  • Family craft.  Humanity has traditionally passed on from one generation to the next the family craft.  Only after the industrial revolution did this system of education breakdown, yet even since then many professional roles are passed down from one generation to the next.  Despite many years in the professional ranks, trading has become the first craft in the truest sense that I have learned.  I want to pass it along to my kids.
  • Mentoring.  When one doesn’t have a parent to help them in their craft, mentoring becoming the next best thing.  I didn’t have a mentor.  I asked several successful traders, especially ones that specialized in agricultural commodities to help, but none were available.  I learned through books and hard knocks.  I wish to avoid that arduous path for someone else.
  • Venting.  Ideas travel constantly through my head.  They need a place to escape.  This might be just the place.

I have no idea if the stated goal will work out.  I started with $10,000 two months ago and I have finally slowed down to start writing.  So, I’m struggling from the outset to be disciplined.  As the time of this writing (June 29, 2017) my account is up to $11,382.  But it has been down to $7,380 already.  This will be the journey in real time of what happens with $10,000 while trading discretionarily.  




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